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Siebel CRM Skills

In IT, CRM (customer relationship management) skills and Siebel skills are almost interchangeable. Siebel as the #1 CRM commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) package is now under the flag of Oracle. If you’ve mastered Siebel, you are well positioned around CRM, ERP, and COTS in general.

Siebel skills could be built on one of the following major Siebel applications:

  • Siebel Call Center
  • Siebel eSales
  • Siebel eServices
  • Siebel Analytics

Siebel Call Center is the most popular and commonly used Siebel application.

In addition, Siebel has several industry-specific applications:

  • Siebel Consumer Sector
  • Siebel eAutomotive
  • Siebel eCommunications
  • Siebel eEnergy
  • Siebel Financial Services
  • Siebel Life Sciences
  • Siebel Travel and Transportation

With Siebel skills and experience, you are expected to perform the following high level Siebel task functions:

  • Implementation planning
  • Installation/upgrade
  • System administration
  • Application Integration
  • Application development
  • Application administration

In workplace, the following Siebel job roles could be found:

  • Application Integration Specialist - People who integrate Siebel software, internally and with third-party products.
  • Siebel Consultant - People who planning a new Siebel implementation, or are planning changes to an existing Siebel implementation. Install Siebel software for initial user or upgrade to new product releases.
  • Siebel System Administrator - People who plan, set up, and maintain Siebel system software and who administer database systems.
  • Siebel Application Developer - People who configure Siebel applications and code custom scripts to enhance Siebel functions.
  • Siebel Application Administrator - People who plan, setup, and maintain Siebel applications and application data. This job is often designated to work on Siebel’s industry specific applications.

Let’s go back to Siebel Call Center, as I mentioned, it is the most commonly used Siebel application. The following Siebel Call Center skills are usually expected:

  • Install and configure Siebel Call Center server.
  • Install and configure Siebel Call Center dedicated client software and build local database.
  • Install and configure Siebel Tools
  • Administrator Siebel Call Center application.
  • Monitor Call Center operations and performance.
  • Manage Siebel user account and responsibilities.
  • Manage and update LOVs (list of value).
  • Develop and update Siebel Views, Applets, Pick Lists, and Business Components.
  • Program e-scripts to customize Siebel functions.
  • Develop and maintain Siebel Workfolws.
  • Use Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) to migrate and upload data.
  • Migrate Siebel repository from dev to test and from test to prod.