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The Dog and Tiger's Evil Fight in China

In the Chinese IT community, a hot, funny topic is about the fight between the dog and tiger for China’s territory. There is big argument about who is going to win the search engine market. Here the tiger is Yahoo, translated into Chinese by pronunciation as “elegant tiger”, and the dog is Google which means “ancient dog” or “dead dog” in Chinese pronunciation.

Yahoo is happy with its Chinese name “tiger”, but Google don’t like to be called “dog”, especially “dead dog”, thus a few month ago Google announced its official Chinese name as “harvest song” which is also based on Chinese pronunciation (Gu-Ge). But no one wants to use its official name because it’s not fun. Therefore Google is still a dog in China.

As the search engine market competition heats up in China, the tiger and dog become evil. Yahoo, in order to obtain fervor from the Chinese communist party, had released Yahoo email accounts personal information to the communist party. Using this information, the party’s secret police had put several pro-democracy activists to jail. Recently a Chinese couple sued Yahoo and its Chinese affiliates, alleging the Internet firms provided information that helped the Chinese government persecute the man for his Internet writings.

Google the “don’t be evil” dog also surrendered to the evil communist party. If in China you search Google for keywords such as “June 4th”, “Tian An Men Square crack down”, “Falun gong”, “free Tibet”, you get either “page not found” or the communist party’s propaganda page. Google in China voluntarily blocks information based on the communist party’s request. These are the information the communist government doesn’t want Chinese people know. The evil party is afraid of letting people know the truth. The evil dog helps there to hide the truth and tell lies.

That’s not a joke. The tiger and dog is hurting people.

    10 Responses to “The Dog and Tiger’s Evil Fight in China”

  1. Charles Liu Says:

    Have you been to China? Not sure if you are aware of these things:

    - Even middle school kids know how to bypass China’s swiss cheese filter:

    http://www.baidu.cn/s?wd=Proxy Hunter&cl=3

    - Here’s how you search for Tiananmen:


  2. Charles Liu Says:

    Ah Epoch Times - you mean the “newspaper” paid for by Falun Gong?

    The financial connection between Falun Gong and Epoch Times is not a secret. Here’s the money trail found in non-profit declarations (Form 990, Page 2, Part III c):

    Southern USA Falun Dafa Association. $10,350 were given to Epoch Times in 2002, $22,700 in 2003, $14,750 in 2004:

    Falun Dafa Association of New England. $57,609 were spent on computer and print media, $97,755 in 2003, $116,823 in 2004:

  3. Kathy T Says:

    Bad business practice. How could Yahoo give customers’ private info to government authority? Sorry for those who got persecuted. Yahoo should help them out of jail.

  4. Bob Newton Says:

    Watched today’s news? President Bush, honoring the memories of those killed in communist regimes, said Tuesday that their deaths should remind the American public that ”evil is real and must be confronted.”

    Tens of millions of people were killed in communist regimes, from China to the Soviet Union, Cambodia to Africa, North Korea to Vietnam.

    The the communist is evil, so as those who helped it to put innocent people to jail.

  5. David Wong Says:

    What’s the mater with falun gong? I don’t understand Charles Liu’s point. Those activists got jailed only because they published a few artiles to criticize the government policy. Yahoo provided info to lead the arrest. You think the animal did the right thing?

  6. Sysman Says:

    Sorry to hear what these companies did in china even though they got cute names there. Its interesting to learning the ’smart’ translations of the names of western companies. What is Microsoft called in china? fun name for oracle? give us more. Thanks.

  7. Sam Chill Says:

    Sysman wants to know what is Microsoft called in china? Here you go, Microsoft is a little bit tender.

  8. Joe Sima Says:

    In mainland China the U.S. online search engine has agreed to censor websites and content banned by the Beijing communist authorities. Google and other western internet companies are competing in a “race to the bottom” as they bow to Chinese governemnt censors in order to gain a slice of the world’s most promising market. Business is business, but we must remind them, don’t be evil.

  9. My Says:


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  10. Another Says:


    Very interesting post. I would like to link back to it….