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IT is Not It

  February10, 2017 by Rich Arden

A Chinese friend told me that he loves our website; it helps him keep up with his job in IT. But from time to time he'd want to read the articles in his native language, so that he often use an online translator to convert these articles into Chinese. According to him, the website title, IT Career Success, was not translated into "information technology career success." Instead, it was translated into "its career success" in Chinese. How ridiculous, IT is not It!

Why is IT not it?  Because everything is transformed in IT:

In IT, the web is not for spiders; it’s for people.

When you surf, you don’t surf the ocean, but you surf the web.

The net is not for fishing, but for phishing.

You start windows, but not open it (not them).

You don’t go to hardware store to get hardware.

In the hardware you have bus, but that’s not the bus to carry you to school or mall.

Your tools are not in the toolbox in your garage, or your real toolbox doesn’t hold soft tools.

In IT, everyone keeps a lovely pet on desk, the mouse.

IT is not it, because in IT things are virtualized.

In IT, I used to meet my friends in my space, but that was not my home or my office, it was just myspace.  But now myspace is destroyed, so we have to meet in a book; it is not a normal book, it is a facebook.

However, in facebook we don’t meet face to face. In fact, we never meet, I mean, never see a real face with each other.

Virtualization is great, you can have almost everything virtualized, - virtual relationship, virtual love, virtual sex, you name it. 

What’s the virtual anyway?  As I understand, being virtual means to be true but not true at the same time.  Even the truth can be virtualized, - called virtual reality.

Now you see, IT is not it.

First published  March 15, 2007